Tuesday and Wednesday, June 22-23, 2021


Improving biosecurity governance and the legal framework for efficient and sustainable aquaculture production is one of the objectives of project GCP/GLO/979/NOR. To achieve this result, it is essential to learn, understand and optimize good biosecurity practices in the aquaculture sector.

In order to raise awareness, share experiences and knowledge on biosafety in aquaculture and strengthen the aquaculture industry, different topics related to the optimization of aquaculture production through the efficient implementation of good aquaculture and biosafety practices were addressed. Therefore, this conference aims to share successful experiences in the implementation of good biosecurity practices to enable more inclusive and efficient aquaculture systems at local, national and international levels and to increase the resilience of aquaculture production to threats and crises.

The event was aimed at FAO member governments, aquaculture producers, producers, professionals, academics, scientists, industry and stakeholders in order to open the virtual space for broad participation and improve the dissemination of knowledge and awareness on the subject.

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Presentations and reference materials are available here.